About This Project

This is the big world of children. It is so big , that each person has its unique place in this world. The person who at least once greets them and asks how they are feeling have a big place in their world. But in the world we live in, children sometimes do not even have a little place, in case they are not ordinary children. Most of the time they close themselves in their world and they limit the borders of their small world and do not let anybody in. Children who need more care sometimes get isolated from the world , from others. The society is not ready to accept them and the rights are not equal for all the children , especially the right to proper education. Education is not a monopoly, it is one of the basic steps to the development of each personality , regardless of physical or other obstacles. Nothing should be an obstacle to the right of a person to get proper education. Why are these children left out of the process? It is as if they are left out of the world we live in. How to provide equal conditions for all children?

”National Association of School Parents Council Members” NGO

Armenian Caritas